Build the Infrastructure

The Beloved Community Village will be moving to the Taxi Campus owned by Zeppelin Development in December 2018. This move is supported by Taxi businesses and residents alike, including Boa Technology.

When we move, we are looking to make a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT to our facilities by adding in a BRAND NEW COMMON HOUSE designed by our partners at Shopworks Architecture which will feature: Three Bathrooms complete with showers, toilets and sinks; and a Full Kitchen complete with two refrigerators and two stoves.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.17.21 PM.png

This new Common House will dramatically improve the quality of life for residents of the Beloved Community Village. It will provide dignity, privacy, security, a warm place for meetings, a safe place to cook and store food, toilets that flush, and stoves that can make stew.

An independent study of the Beloved Community Village conducted by the University of Denver revealed the need for this infrastructure improvement, and the entire team at CVC is excited to be taking this step forward in our movement.

This new Common House will become the heart and soul of the Beloved Community Village. It's where we will gather for meetings, meals, and community events. It's where we will host our friends, family and neighbors as we seek to reweave the social fabric of our society and build what Martin Luther King Jr. called, "The Beloved Community."


Will you help us make the Common House a reality? 

Will you help us...

Build the Infrastructure?

Will you help us...

Build the Movement?