Rhonda finds community, renewed self-esteem, and a restored life because of the Beloved Community Village.

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When Rhonda's mother died, the pressure from family was overwhelming. Alcohol had begun to take over her life. She needed out, and at the time it seemed like a spot by the river was the only option. Trying to stay sober, and escaping the chaos was the priority, but it left her with nothing. 

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When a tiny home became available at the Beloved Community Village it changed her life. She finally found a way out. 

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Community is what tiny home villages are all about and what has helped Rhonda find belonging, friendship, support, and renewed self-esteem. 

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St. Andrews is the site of the next tiny home village. They've been serving the community for 100 years.

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They understand that 8 tiny homes in their parking lot won't solve homelessness, but it will be a start for women and the Transgender / LGBTQ community who are particularly vulnerable on the streets and have very little access to shelter. 

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Hope For Our City

St. Andrews is providing a beacon of light and hope in the city. Their heart and mission is to provide sanctuary to vulnerable populations.

Everyone deserves a dignified place to lay their head.

Tiny home villages are a model for how cities and congregations can do something now to address the affordable housing and homelessness crisis in our communities. 

You can make a difference by providing homes, creating community, and restoring lives today.

 Design concept for the women's village 

Design concept for the women's village 


Will you rally your friends and family to support the village? 

Starting a fundraiser and sharing this story with your connections can make a huge difference!