Women’s Village


Centering Women

Metro Denver faces a severe, unprecedented housing crisis. On any given night, 1,300 persons are forced to hide in alleys, behind dumpsters or along the river while they seek to rest safely. Among the most vulnerable are older women who, nationally, make up over 1/3 of the homeless population. This transgender inclusive Women’s Village will center the lives, voices, and experiences of women coming out of homelessness.

Building A Movement

Denver's second tiny home village was originally proposed to be built next door to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, reflecting St. Andrew's 100+ year history of care and relationship with their marginalized and oppressed neighbors. The project was denied in July 2018 by Denver's Landmark Preservation Commission, stating a lack of historic precedent for similar structures within the district.

Shortly thereafter MAINSPRING Development reached out to offer the Women's Village temporary use of MAINSPRING's land at 4500 Broadway in Globeville.

Over the last several months, CVC, St. Andrew's, and Radian, Inc have worked diligently to engage the neighborhood and file for permits with the City of Denver. If the permitting process goes smoothly, construction is scheduled to being in December 2018, and the Women's Village will open in early February 2019.