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This work is only possible because of the generosity of each person who has contributed. We invite you to give at a level that is meaningful to you, and whether you are able to give a six figure gift or a one figure gift, your donation is significant to this movement. Thank you for making your tax-deductible gift today.

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What is the impact of your gift?

  • $15,000 - Cost to Build One Tiny Home

  • $5,000 - Annual Supportive Services costs for one Tiny Home

  • $1,000 - Annual Utility costs for one Tiny Home

  • $500 - Annual maintenance and upkeep for one Tiny Home

  • $250 - Bed for one Tiny Home

  • $100 - Dinner for one Village Council Meeting

  • $50 - One month of bus passes for Village Residents

  • $1 - House Key for one Tiny Home

serve & partner

Community building is at the heart of our work. In building villages and building communities, we do not intend to create traditional service provider/ charitable relationships that reinforce oppressive power dynamics, but build life sustaining, restorative community across socioeconomic boundaries. We are not looking for volunteers, but we are looking to expand and grow our community, and would love to facilitate relationships between congregations, neighbors, and our self-governed villages.

How would you like to join our community?

Host a Village - Villages aren't possible without land -- physical space where people can exist and life can flourish.

Supportive Neighbors - We need neighbors and neighborhoods willing to say, “Yes In My Back Yard!” and willing to open their doors and their lives to tiny home villages.

Meal Sharing - Restorative relationships are built when we share food together. Congregations and neighbors are invited to sign up to bring meals to the villages and get to know the villagers.

Resource Sharing - As relationships are built, new community members are invited to share their skills and expertise with CVC. We are always looking for professional support to expand our capacity and continue scaling this movement.

Volunteer - Though we aren’t often in need of volunteers, we welcome the involvement of volunteers with specialized skills. Please reach out to explore how we might partner.

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Request a speaker

In partnership with RedLine Contemporary Art Center, CVC has created In My Backyard (IMBY), a creative placekeeping project in support of the tiny home movement. The project tours a tiny home along with presenters who are able to speak on a variety of topics.

IMBY showcases tiny home communities as more than just a solution to our housing problem, but as neighbors anyone would welcome into their backyard. Through equal exchange and dialogue, we seek to transform neighbors into advocates for the tiny home movement.


Sample Presentation Topics

  • Why Tiny Homes?

  • How To Create A Tiny Home Village