St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church has been hard at work for the past couple of years to develop a LGBTQ Inclusive tiny home village for Women experiencing homelessness in Denver. This work is the extension of St. Andrew's 100+ year history of care and relationship with their marginalized and oppressed neighbors. For 100+ years, parishioners from St. Andrew's have made themselves available to the poor, and the proposed tiny home village would be the next step in that process.

On July 10, the application for a temporary Tiny Home Village for Women in the Clements Historic District, to be housed on land owned by St Andrew's Episcopal Church, was denied by Denver's Landmark Preservation Commission, stating a lack of historic precedent for similar structures within the district.

St. Andrew’s, the Colorado Village Collaborative, Radian, Inc., and our partners remain committed to completing this project on an alternative site. Interest and enthusiasm for the village continues to grow. To date, we have raised significant funds toward this project from national and local foundations, community fund raisers, individual donors and numerous churches and other non-profit entities.  While the Landmark Commission’s decision is a disappointment, it will not derail this crucial project.

Centering Women and the Transgender/LGBTQ Community

Women and the Transgender/LGBTQ community are especially vulnerable on the streets, so this village is for them. Of homeless youth, over 40% identify as LGBTQ. Not only is this disproportionate to the overall youth population, LGBTQ individuals are often further rejected by faith-based homeless shelters. Not so at the tiny home village at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. This Village will center Women and the LGBTQ Community because it will be built by and for that community.

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