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Tiny Home Village Will Most Likely Move to Globeville

January 31, 2019


The Beloved Community Village, a collection of eleven tiny homes in RiNo occupied by formerly homeless residents, has been looking for a new host site ever since last September, when Denver's Department of Public Works rejected a plan for the village to relocate to the Zeppelins' TAXI campus, citing concerns over flooding. The organization behind the tiny homes — the Colorado Village Collaborative — was taken by surprise, having already drawn up site plans for the move to TAXI. The group had also promised the Urban Land Conservancy, the owners of the land the village currently occupies at 38th and Blake streets, that it would vacate that premises by January 1 so that the ULC could break ground on a new apartment complex.

Denver’s tiny-home village finally has a semi-permanent new site

Denver Post
January 31, 2019


After months of negotiations threatened to leave its residents marooned, Denver’s tiny-home village for people experiencing homelessness has secured a new location.

The village plans to relocate in March to a city property at 4400 North Pearl St. in Globeville, where it could stay for up to four years and nearly double in size.

The Tiny Home Community For Denver’s Homeless Has Found New Digs In Globeville

Colorado Public Radio
January 31, 2019


Months of failed negotiations threatened to put the residents of Beloved Community Village, Denver’s tiny-home community for people experiencing homelessness, back onto the streets. 

The organization behind the concept, the Colorado Village Collaborative, has been searching for a new home since September when a proposal to relocate the structures to Zeppelin's TAXI campus was rejected by Denver's Department of Public Works, which cited flooding concerns. 

Small but beloved

Denver Post
July 27, 2018

From the start, supporters have hoped Beloved Community Village would help people beyond the 13 residents who moved off Denver’s streets and into its 8-foot-by-12-foot tiny homes last July.

The village, 11 homes, a bathhouse, two portable toilets and a circular common building bounded by a brightly decorated chain-link fence at the corner of 38th and Blake streets, was meant to be a pioneer. It’s a pilot project designed to demonstrate tiny homes, arranged in a community where rules are set by the residents themselves,  should be part of the solution to combating homelessness in Denver.

plans to bring more tiny homes to denver in the works

9 News
March 28, 2018

“Applications for a six-month permit have been submitted to the city, however, there's still more work to be done since the church is located in Clements Historic Neighborhood. The group is getting ready for a hearing by city's Landmark Preservation Commission which will be reviewing the project. The commission's job is to "designate, preserve, enhance, and perpetuate structures or districts that have architectural, historical, or geographical significance within the city of Denver," according to the city's website."

Second village of tiny homes “getting real” at Denver church

March 28, 2018

The Colorado Village Collaborative plans to build second a village of small houses on parking lots around St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

“All along, we’ve said that the Beloved Community Village was not a one-off project. Our goal was to launch a network of villages across the metro area,” said organizer Cole Chandler.

” … We hope this is the second of many.”

Denver tore down their tiny-home village. They built it again, this time with permission.

December 27, 2017

Amanda Lyall awoke in an abandoned lot on July 21 with police officers standing over her. Someone had spotted her make-shift sleeping spot and reported her to the cops.

This was, of course, the worst way to start a day. She felt a rush of despair and frustration. It was going to be another day on the streets of Denver, and she didn’t know how many more she could handle.

“I was done,” she recalled months later.  “It’s dehumanizing. It’s scary.”

‘A Bit Of A Fish Bowl’: More Privacy For Tiny Home Tenants

Denver (CBS4)
October 30, 2017

LivWell Donates $10,000 to Complete Funding for Tiny Homes Village

October 18, 2017

Beloved Community Village in RiNo, a tiny-home development that houses fifteen people who were previously homeless, is now debt-free thanks to a donation from LivWell Enlightened Health.

Built by the Colorado Village Collaborative — a coalition of organizations including the Beloved Community Mennonite Church, ASAP, the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, Bayaud Enterprises and Denver Homeless Out Loud, as well as individual members — the Beloved Community Village had to raise around $265,000 to complete the project, according to organizer Cole Chandler. As the group was on the edge of reaching that goal, ASAP principal member Kayvan Khalatbari contacted LivWell about a possible donation.