Village Organizer

The Opportunity

The Colorado Village Collaborative seeks a passionate, innovative, self-starting, reliable, facilitator, community builder, non-violence practitioner, and healer who will work comfortably in a non-hierarchical community based setting that promotes healing and liberation from marginalization, oppression, sexism, and racial inequality. An individual that will succeed in this environment will understand the unique struggle and marginalization of people living on the streets and will work with our village organizing team to provide village council leadership, village programming organization/support, provide conflict resolution and mediation when necessary, personal village relationships and support.

Ideal candidates will be organized, creative, comfortable using google suite, and excited about being hands on with village residents and getting into the details of life in community.

Position: Village Organizer

Reports to: CVC Director

Location: Denver

Type: Full-time and requires flexible schedule, including some evenings and weekends 

Compensation: Dependent upon experience

Start Date: October 1, 2019

**Application deadline: Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the position is filled.**


Colorado Village Collaborative (CVC) launched in 2017 to address the current housing crisis by creating and operating transformational housing communities in partnership with people coming from homelessness. We believe that housing is a human right and work from that paradigm to build cost effective, time efficient housing that facilitates safety, stability, and healing in a supportive, non-violent environment built upon the foundation of mutual responsibility.


The Village Organizer will work in collaboration with the Village Organizing Team, the Director, and CVC’s partner organizations to ensure that the village is a safe, stable, healing, and supportive environment for all residents. Specifically, the Village Organizer will provide leadership to the village council, support and organize village programming, and work with village residents to manage and resolve conflict within the village. Specific tasks related to these four primary focus areas are listed below:

Key Area #1 - Village Council Leadership

  • Communication with Village Residents

    • Ensure information is distributed to village residents effectively including meeting notes, calendar notes, events, resources, etc.

  • Provide stabile, trauma informed meeting facilitation

    • Prepare agenda for village council meetings

    • Promote and communicate about upcoming meetings (by text, email, and door knocking)

    • Ground meetings in basic community agreements

    • Create a brave space that fosters a culture of healing

  • Support follow through on village council processes and action items

    • Ensure notes are taken at meetings

    • Communicate with CVC accountability team when accountability needs to take place

    • Participate in accountability process when appropriate

    • Ensure quorum and appropriate decision making process are followed through

  • Record keeping

    • Manage CVC operations folder in google drive

    • Maintain records of all meeting agreements, structures, proposals, participation, resident intake, mediations, accountability, etc.

  • Draft resolutions and agreements when necessary

    • Participate in the drafting of agreements that are in line with the vision and values of CVC

  • Support resident selection

    • Maintain a database for resident selection

    • Support a resident selection process that promotes equity

    • Conduct and File Use Agreement and Village Intake Process

  • Support house checks

    • Support house checks alongside of property manager

Key Area #2 - Village Programming 

  • Village Potlucks

    • Coordinate volunteers to bring main dishes as pot luck hosts

    • Communicate about upcoming potlucks with residents

    • Prepare space and set up for potlucks

    • Make sure plates and utensils are available

  • Village Fun Days

    • Organize opportunities for villagers to hang out and enjoy one another

  • Village Participation

    • Work with village council to track participation in Village Council Meetings using Meeting Attendance spreadsheet

    • Work with village council to track participation in ongoing chore requirements in the village using Chore System spreadsheet

  • Village Calendar

    • Maintain and communicate about a village calendar that includes internal events like tours and external events for villagers to be involved in

  • Healing justice practices

    • Work with villagers to identify and implement healing practices rooted in liberation from marginalization, oppression, and racial inequality. 

Key Area #3 - Conflict Management and Resolution

  • Conflict Management and Resolution

    • Promote conflict resolution among village residents

    • Ensure that conflict is managed and resolved in a non-violent manner

    • Ensure follow through on conflict resolution agreements

    • Keep records of conflict management and resolution in CVC Operations folder

  • Violence/Threats of Violence

    • If violence or threats of violence break out at the village, the organizer will be required to respond in a timely manner and gather village residents and the CVC Accountability Team to respond to the crisis

Key Area #4 - Personal Villager Support

  • Build Relationships with village residents

    • Spend 5-10 hrs at each village on a weekly basis outside of meetings

    • Build relationships and conduct villager check-ins

  • Connect villagers to resource navigation (as needed)

  • Connect villagers to personal crisis needs support (as needed)


  • Trauma informed facilitation skills

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Experience drafting resolutions and various documents

  • Experiencing working with people experiencing trauma

  • Understanding of the unique struggle and marginalization of people living on the streets 

  • Time management skills

  • Communication skills

  • Administration skills including experience using Google Drive

  • Excellent working on a team

The Colorado Village Collaborative is an advocate for equity and is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from all, and strongly encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees and LGBTQ people to apply.


To apply, send your resume and cover letter directly to Tanya@CoVillageCo.org. Please include “Village Organizer Application” in the subject line. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the position is filled.