The Beloved Community Village is exploring a move to Globeville.


Colorado Village Collaborative exists to create and operate transformational housing communities for people exiting homelessness and entering into housing. This model is built on the foundations of community, healing and opportunity.

We believe that housing is a human right and work from that paradigm to build cost effective, time efficient housing that facilitates safety, stability, and healing in a supportive, non-violent environment built upon the foundation of mutual responsibility.


Myths and Realities of Tiny Homes

This video was designed as a creative way to deconstruct a few common misperceptions of what a Tiny Home Village is. Through a visual and audio experience we are hoping to educate and spread more awareness of the reality of the Beloved Community Village.

I’m on my journey to where I feel is right...I haven’t given up on my dream, I’m still going towards it.
— Bobby, Beloved Community Village Resident

Proposed Site

After months of community engagement, we are hoping to continue our efforts to relocate our current village to the proposed 4400 N Pearl St. site located in Globeville. This location is ideal since it is only located 1/2 mile from the current village. This allows minimal disruption to the daily lives of the residents to continue work and school without the inconvenience of being displaced.



Letters of Support from Globeville Residents


Globeville Engagement

As part of our community engagement efforts, we previously hosted three Globeville community meetings where we captured the responses of the residents in order to formulate them into a document that allows the neighbors to feel involved and integrated into the community agreement.

I’m thrilled that the city is able to offer this land that will allow the Village to continue providing a unique and dignified housing option to people who have experienced homelessness.
— Mayor Michael B. Hancock

Design Charet

In collaboration with Shopworks Architecture and a few Globeville neighbors, we were able to review the design for the landscaping of the Beloved Community Village at 4400 N Pearl St. Not only does activating a dark, vacant lot bring more light to the neighborhood, but it also allows for the addition of beauty, greenery and life to the area.

Key Findings

Beloved Community Village has had a demonstrably positive impact on local community

• Previously underserved people are housed
• Neighbors report very few concerns with village
• No increase in crime near the village

Improved outcomes for villagers in the areas of:
• Education & employment
• Health & well-being
• Reduction in theft

Villagers report:
• An increase in social capital
• Increased feelings of safety

I’m really thankful for this place because it’s offered me a chance to have a home which is something I haven’t had in a long time
— Freddy, Beloved Community Village Resident


Evaluation Findings

The results from this evaluation, conducted by the Burnes Center on Poverty and Homelessness (Burnes), demonstrate that over the course of the first nine months, the Beloved Community Village (BCV) has been a success. 

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