Community Organizer Job Posting

Position Overview:

CVC seeks a passionate, innovative, community organizer who will work comfortably in a non-hierarchical community based setting that promotes healing and liberation from marginalization, oppression, sexism, and racial inequality. An organizer that will succeed in this environment will understand the unique struggle and marginalization of people living on the streets and will work with formerly homeless residents of tiny home villages to mobilize and engage residents in their own self-governance process and our broader work to claim that housing is a human right. This is a ¾ time position with pay ranging from $15-$25/hr depending upon experience.



  • Befriend and support village/villagers

  • Support follow through on Village Council processes and action items

  • Help draft proposals for collective systems if requested

  • Convene Internal Village Organizers

  • Work with villagers to create a village culture that is rooted in non-violence, healing, and deep community

  • Work with villagers to identify and implement healing practices rooted in liberation from marginalization, oppression, and racial inequality

  • Organize village community fun days



  • Non-Village resident

  • Strong value for and commitment to leadership of residents

  • Strong value for and commitment to anti-oppression

  • Strong value for and commitment to nonviolent conflict resolution

  • Good time management and organizing skills

  • Commitment to healthy treatment of community


To Apply:

If interested in applying, please submit a cover-letter, resume, and contact information for three references to Cole Chandler at by Sunday, June 10 at midnight.