Collective Leadership


Over 50% of the founders of the Colorado Village Collaborative were people with direct and recent experience of life on the streets. We are committed to a collective leadership approach that utilizes a horizontal structure to build shared power as we work to bring about a world with housing for all.


Jerry Burton

Jerry is a US Marine Corps Veteran who became an advocate for the homeless community when he found himself living on the streets. Jerry was one of the original champions calling for a tiny home village in Denver. Jerry is now in housing, but he continues to advocate for people living on the streets.


Cole Chandler

Cole is an organizer, activator, and community builder who serves as the Co-Director of CVC. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Baylor University, is an ordained Mennonite Minister, and is a member of the Denver Catholic Worker Community. A moral commitment led Cole into his work among poor and marginalized people, where he found himself to have become a part of a community whose struggle became his own.


Nathan Davis Hunt

Nathan is Director of Economic Justice for the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado. His work ranges from affordable housing development to building the solidarity economy, financial system reform to criminal justice reform, and sits at the intersections of race, economy, and creation care. He loves baked goods, reading, writing, hiking, and Libbey.


Rev. Amanda Henderson

Rev. Amanda Henderson is the Executive Director of The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, where she leads a statewide faith based movement that works for economic justice, racial justice, women’s rights, and religious freedom.  Amanda’s leadership embodies a deeper way of being in the world that reweaves our disconnected social fabric, and unites us across difference.


Terese Howard

Terese is a nationally recognized leader in the movement to honor the rights of people experiencing homelessness. She is one of the co-founders of Denver Homeless Out Loud, and the Colorado Village Collaborative, and was arrested for this cause in the Resurrection Village direct action in 2015.


Steel Howard

Steel is a machinist and mechanic by training who has a brilliant design mind and leads CVC’s construction efforts. He is committed to cooperative living and cooperative economic models that shift worth and value away from the amount of 0’s in your bank account and towards what you’re willing to do to support your community. Steel once walked across the entire United States, ask him about it.


Kayvan Khalatbari

Kayvan is an entrepreneur, advocate and coalition builder who has successfully led several ballot initiatives that have positively impacted the Colorado economy. Along the way, Kayvan has been constantly committed to advocating for the rights of poor and marginalized people. Kayvan has been apart of this work for many years, but officially joined the board in 2018.


Anna Koop

Anna is a former Social Worker and a member of the Loretto Community. Anna co-founded the Denver Catholic Worker House in 1978 where she welcomed hundreds of people experiencing homelessness into her life and community over 38 years before the house burned in 2016. Anna now lives next door to the new Catholic Worker House in a low income housing community in Five Points called Emmaus Housing.


Amanda McDougald

Amanda is a skilled administrator and leader. She is a founding resident of the Beloved Community Village, and serves as a constant spokesperson for the movement and an administrative assistant in the CVC Office. Amanda moved out of the Beloved Community Village and into her own apartment in September 2018.


Rhonda Romero

Rhonda is passionate about building community and taking care of people. She is one of the founding residents of Beloved Community Village. She was living along the banks of the South Platte River when construction began at Beloved Community Village and showed up to volunteer every day during the construction process. Within three months of moving into Beloved Community Village, she found housing in her own apartment.


Tanya Salih

Tanya is a performing artist and global activist who works as a Co-Director for the CVC. She works to develop strategic community parternships and use her creativity to cultivate and foster a community of healing and transformation. Tanya is deeply connected in Denver’s artistic community, and brought those artistic connections and her professional skills to the CVC staff.