After years of work, months of planning, and 9 weeks of construction, the Beloved Community Village officially opened on July 21, 2017. This village is a first of its kind for Denver, and demonstrates the possibilities that exist for honoring dignity and equality if we commit to work together across the many boundaries that divide us. It's made of 11 homes, gardens, a shared shower house and common room.

The Beloved Community Village was made possible by over 400 individual donations, and over 400 volunteers. The village was supported by the neighborhood and permitted by the city, and will operated at 3733 Walnut St until mid-January 2018, at which time the village moved to a new location at 1420 38th St due to permitting restrictions which limited the village to a six month, temporary unlisted use allowance.

An independent study commissioned by the Barton Institute for Philanthropy and Social Enterprise and conducted by the Burnes Center on Poverty and Homelessness at the University of Denver, studied the impacts of the first nine months of operations at Beloved Community Village. This report demonstrates that the village was a success for both the residents and the surrounding neighborhood. The highlights of this study indicate that people who were previously underserved are housed; those people are more stable than they were before; and the village had no negative impacts on the surrounding neighborhood.