The Colorado Village Collaborative would not exist if the voice of those on the streets had not been organized to speak truth to those in the halls of power. Our work will not be scalable and sustainable unless we continue to work for changes in land use, zoning policy, attainable housing development, and general respect for the rights of those that are forced to survive in public space. The majority of our advocacy work takes place through the Alternative Solutions Advocacy Project and it’s “Move along to where?” campaign and is organized by our friends at The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado and Denver Homeless Out Loud.

To connect with our advocacy work...

  • Denver City Council Calls - Call your City Council representative and tell them that you want to see permanent zoning for tiny home villages.

  • Join ASAP - Follow this link to the ASAP page to learn more about the “Move along to where?” campaign and how you can get involved.

  • Advocate for Tiny Home Villages in your City - Tiny Home Villages offer an attainable housing solution for towns and metros across the country. We would love to connect with you to help you advocate for the creation of a village in your community.