About Us


Leading from the streets

The Colorado Village Collaborative exists to initiate and invest in the development of resident-led villages. We embody radical solutions to homelessness: housing that centers human dignity, empowerment of marginalized voices, and design solutions that are affordable, sustainable and community oriented. 


we believe

We believe that homelessness wasn’t caused by homeless people.
Individuals exist within the systems and historical contexts that act upon them. We commit to analyzing and challenging the social structures that foster inequity.

We believe in centering the voices of the oppressed.
We know that marginalized groups are disproportionately impacted by the housing crisis, and we commit to elevating the perspectives of those most affected by injustice.

We believe that the experience of homelessness should be dignified.
As a community, we are called to recognize the humanity of each of our neighbors and to provide supports that free one another from poverty.

We believe that poor people have a right to the city.
We all share in the human experience and are therefore called to design and implement solutions together.

We believe in solidarity not charity. Our largest social and economic issues will be solved when we stand side by side and understand that we are not independent but interdependent.

We believe that an end to homelessness is possible.


Why tiny homes?

Self-governed tiny home villages provide a strategy for scaling housing through a quickly deployable, attainably priced method while addressing the larger drivers of our homelessness crisis. While a new affordable unit in Denver costs an average of $250,000, a tiny home can be constructed for $15,000. Each home provides dignity and privacy, while the villages are designed to facilitate community and self-governance. Each village employs a participatory governance structure, empowering villagers to design their community and their future.



Average Cost To Build One Unit of Affordable Housing in Denver



Average Cost to To Build One CVC Tiny Home

Scope of the Housing Crisis

  • 5,317 people Experiencing homelessness in metro Denver

  • 86,000+ units short of affordable housing

  • At least 3.23 million taxpayer dollars spent criminalizing homelessness from 2010-2014

  • 1,308 people unsheltered, many with barriers to accessing the shelter system